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Troubleshooting Smart Lock Patio-door (Bluetooth Model Access / Security)

For iOS, use Secuyou Smart Lock app from App Store (not Secuyou v2.2)

A) The lock is connected to the app (green / connected) but the UNLOCK button on the lock does not work and the lock icon in the app does not work either.

1. Press "Locks".
2. Press on lock / > right.
3. Set "Handle Sensor" off.

Please note that you need min. FW 4 on your lock to use "Handle Sensor" (if not see point D).


See app guide

If this does not solve the problem with "Handel Sensor off", you must reset the lock, see point B here.

B) Reset the lock.

1. Delete the lock in the app on all smartphones. See app guide
2. Press the "PRG" button on the lock, over 5 sekunds (count slowly to 7).

3. Then the LED will flash green and the lock is reset (go to point 6).
4. If you have not succeeded unlocking the lock, the LED will flash red for 30 minutes.
5. Then the LED will flash green/red and the lock is reset.
6. When the lock is reset YOU MUST test the UNLOCK button to lock and unlock, without being connected to a smartphone.
7. Reinstall the lock in your app.

Point 4. The reason of the 30 minute timeout is that a possible thief must not be able to reset the lock in the locked state and open the door.

Point 5. If you are in doubt as to whether the locks have been reset, you can remove a battery and insert it again. Both LEDs flash if the locks are reset.

C) The LED on the lock flashes red and the app is not connected to the lock (red / disconnected)

1. The reason is that a device is trying, or has tried, to contact the lock, but with the wrong code.
2. Delete the lock in the app on all smartphones. See app guide
3. Take out a battery and insert again.
4. Add lock again with the right code on all smartphones.

D) Update Firmware (software on the lock)

It is important to update the lock with the latest firmware, see how here.

1. Take out the left battery.
2. Hold down the PRG button (use you finger/not tools) and insert the battery again - now the LED lights up green.

3. Press "Locks" button left.
4. Press on lock / > right.
5. Choose FIRMWARE in menu, top right. See app guide
(Android menu, top left)
6. Press "upload"

E) If you still experience problems, then send data to us.

1. Press "Locks".
2. Press on lock / > right.
3. Press on Share data / sign in with Apple

4. When you have send data please tell us the name on you door on info@secuyou.dk